About us - Sonos Libra
We develope complete experiences and exciting soundscapes for memories that engage and last
Audio, Installation, Sound
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«To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also»

— Igor Stravinsky

Life is an experience utilizing all five senses.
Unfortunately everyday life discriminates hearing: noises, bad acoustic environments, poor quality music. Sadly, we have become accustomed to being deaf for some time. We are not enjoying the full experience.

Imagine a world where every sound, tone, hue and melody is fully appreciated. Every frequency enriches all we do, enhances our experiences and, above all, improves our living.

We are visually delighted with architectural masterpieces but our audiophile spirit asks constantly: what about sound? Moreover, this spirit makes us close our eyes, feel the space and ask ourselves: is this place sounding as it should be?

Sound should not be only reserved for musicians and sound engineers in adapted rooms — everyone has two eyes, but also two ears.

We believe there is a path to hear and love the sounds around us. We take care of the aural emotions while you walk, work, eat, dance, love, enjoy or even when you sleep.

This is what SONOS LIBRA means: balance between sound and life for richer and complete experiences and exciting soundscapes for memories that engage and last.

Please, close your eyes and ask yourself:
Does this environment sound good? Could it be improved? Could it be…



Deliver cutting-edge and professional acoustic, electroacoustic and visual solutions that best suits the application.


Soundscape our buildings, venues, daily life rooms for better matching of hearing and all senses.


Encourage people to use their hearing to the best of their ability.


Provide the perfect intersection of visual and aural enhancement for the senses.


Using the best technologies to deliver what your project deserves.


Use the latest technologies for accurate proposals delivering state-of-the-art products.


Listening and understanding your requests and needs. Creating adaptable projects.


Perfect pairing of sonic and visual senses for a seamless integration and richer user experience.


Logical, easy-to-use, and scalable designs. Anything can be controlled anywhere. Everything is available everywhere.


We think in the whole experience inside of a theater, club, restaurant, auditorium or your personal home cinema, ranging from your first step to the climax of the experience. Room acoustics, sound systems and the musical content should match the venue purposes.

We believe that sound is alive, so every project we develop is thought as a dynamic soundscape with long life and scalable possibilites.

In every project we pick only the state-of-the-art tools available towards the perfect balance, uncompromising sound.

Moreover, we try to make it user-friendly, because technology is here to help.

Finally, every project must end with the premise: everlasting design for engaging soundscapes for maximum ROI (return of investment).

Taste the sound of life