Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai - Sonos Libra
We develope complete experiences and exciting soundscapes for memories that engage and last
Audio, Installation, Sound
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Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai


As we say in Spanish, “there are not 2 without 3”. The meaning of continuity and increase, in this case, on giving support for another challenging project where, once again, distances, supplies and resources and added architectural complications roared to us when faced the job.

Several site visits, meeting with construction coordinator, ownership and franchise representatives to gather as much information as possible from each side. Mixing them up into the most balanced and agile solution ever given for a venue like this in the whole country. Unbelievably small loudspeakers yet powerful enough to play rock musical programs, clever rig mounted low frequency extensions loudspeakers providing natural punch and our signature “libra (balanced)” sound; spectacular lighting design for a live concert atmosphere and effects add the visual “libra” of it.

Another return of investment warranted, a very satisfied customer and without doubts, the best sounding venue in the north of Thailand. Ah, again! Do not forget to taste the delicious burgers listening to the best bands in town!

«Meet, taste, listen, watch and enjoy»

«Flexible and scalable A/V systems»

«Architecturally invisible yet high performance sound system»

«Wireless and seamless venue control»

«Reliability for an everyday use»