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Khao Yai Convention Center


Who will dare to create a convention hall hundred of kilometres far away from the capitol city? However, been sitting in one of the most beautiful surroundings of whole Thailand is not a bad idea at all.

Investment in top class technologies and an unprecedented example of audio and video integration in the country was carried to complete the Khao Yai Convention Center. Not only a speech done in each of its 7 meeting rooms and 2 conference halls could be listened anywhere anytime, also the rooms have been treated acoustically to make sure the message given is delivered with intelligibility.

Definitely a successful case of how the right designs and right products could help to have a fully booked almost all year round venue. Most worldwide prestigious companies and corporations have tried with total satisfaction. Who will dare to invest in the right designs and the right technologies now?

«A top in its class»

«Return on Investment; quick and worthwhile»

«A real everything-everywhere approach»

«Perfect acoustics for clear, concise and successful speeches»